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Wedding Items

What if you could make each of your tables centerpiece unique and customized for your wedding guests? These metal centerpieces can be given away as gifts for your guests or decorate your home with memories that will last a lifetime! You can customize the centerpiece for each table with a different silhouette.

Silhouettes are held up with a metal base with "Mr & Mrs", Table Number or your new Initials cut into it.

Table numbers can be purchased separately without silhouette. We can also do centerpieces for other types of celebrations or business events!

Height and width varies. They are generally 16-18" tall and 10-12" wide at this price. Contact us for larger centerpiece quotes or for quantities larger than 5.
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Mr & Mrs Centerpiece
Custom Centerpiece
Mr & Mrs Centerpiece Kissing w/flowers
Biker and Bride w/bouqet
Wedding Fire Pit
Metal Wine Rack
Biker and Bride